If you want to be a long term players in the stock market, you must have to improve your mental ability. Now, question is how we can develop our mental fitness. Ask yourself. Why do we go to Gym? The answer is to keep ourselves physically fit. Likewise if you want to keep yourself mentally fit, you need brain storming. Brain storming will act as a booster of brain and it will get energy to start work continuously and forgive idleness. It is the best food to your brain. The brain storming will help you for keeping yourself in continuous working condition with the result you can be benefitted by rapid learning. The logical thinking, friendly debate is the factors to engage yourself to develop mental ability reasoning test.

Here, we are giving some sets of questions with answers which you have to practice regularly. We are confident regular practice will improve your I.Q which in turn enhances your mental fitness. Initially we are giving 10 sets of questions includes 2 types of reasoning with answers. The different sets will be displayed under various types of reasoning.  Now, two types of reasoning are as follows.

(i) Classification
(ii) Series completion

(i) Classification:- In this test you are given 5 words. All words except one is are similar to another. Choose the odd man out.

(ii) Series Completion:- In this test, series of numbers or alphabetical letters or combination of both are given mainly a pattern with a gap. Now you have to fill up that gap.


(i)The questions are collected from different competitive examination papers.
(ii)The Types of reasoning will be enhanced gradually.