Our Journey Begins

Our Journey Begins

Today we restarted our journey with a hope for a better tomorrow. We dedicate this website to our respected and beloved mother  Late Chabbi Rani Kundu who not only remains an unending source of inspiration for us but also her mental support and advice  did a lot to host this website and which will remain a dream for ever. We tender our gratitude to her again and again.

We convey our best regards to our Respected Sir Mr. Ratan Kumar Bhattacharyya, Ex-Asst. General Managerof United Bank of India for his kind patronage.

All we know the stock market of a country seems to be the pace-setter of the economic development. It provides the necessary supplement to nourish the economy, nurtures it all through and shelters it when it becomes developed. So a strong integrated well organised stock market is virtually a sign for developed economy.

This website launched by us is an attempt to portray the vast canvas of Indian stock market. Our main focus is to reach out to those users who want to learn, trade in the stock market. Apart from this, we are going to launch consultancy service especially on Stock Advisory and Bank loan processing shortly. It is to some extent delayed due to some technical reasons. We are aware that life is not at all bed of roses. There are many Ups & Down in life. We think very smooth life is not desirable. Rather we believe the Ups and down can bring perfection. We are confident that we will be able to overcome all the constraints with the kind blessing & love of our website users and all well wishers.

We don’t find language to express our thanks to Mr. Pranab Kumar Kundu who anchored the technical support with his professional expertise and unflinching zeal to the process of launching this website. We also convey our best of thanks to Mrs. Madhumita Kundu, Mrs. Tapati Kundu, Mr. Bikash Kundu and all others who delivered whole hearted labour, enterprise and spirit to bring the mission into reality

We would acknowledge gracefully any suggestions from any quarter to enrich the website. In conclusion, we must admit that our all efforts would get best dividend if the website comes to the real help Of our students, Traders, Researches and all other users whom it is meant for.

With Regards.
Dated – 4th Feb, 2024