Classroom Course

Classroom Course

Our Core faculty Mr. Subhas Kundu, the iconic leader in the stock market has designed the Stock Market Simplified  Courses which are customized to meet the needs and attitude of the students. The course covers everything relating to trading and investing and certainly in simplified manner so that every student irrespective of educational background, ages and sex can able to take advantage by learning from it.

Money Mine Academy is presently offering three courses from which you will not only learn to trade but also abandon of concern of incurring losses.

But, one thing you should keep in your mind that investment in stock market is subject to market risk. There are many organizations which are offering Zero Loss Strategy. Don’t be befooled. Don’t trade on this false slogan. We are telling with responsibility that no one in the world except almighty can give assurance that there will be no loss in the stock market trading. We are only assuring if you start business with the trading of stocks with proper and adequate knowledge and discipline, you will be able to earn profit in stock market business. You can see your real and rational profit.

All students are advised to go through our program and follow meticulously course contents to reconcile our confirmation.

Key Feature of Our Courses

  1. Interactive Classroom Coaching
  2. Single Class Per Week (3 hours)
  3. Hands on Training (Off Market as well as Live market)
  4. Additional classes for computer orientation (if required)
  5. Modern Classroom
  6. 100% Self sufficient study material
  7. Chart calendar
  8. Reasonable Course fees
  9. Installment Facility Available.
  10. Special discount for student, Housewives, Retirees

Course 1 – Introducing S.M.M. Course (Stock Market Master)

Table of Contents

Part 1

Module Content Details
Module-1 Indian Stock Market – Introduction – Segments of Stock market: a) Primary Market, b) Secondary Market – Different Kind of Stock – Do’s and Don’ts in stock market, Misc. point related with stock market, Difference between Traders and Investors, Types of Traders, – Merits and Demerits – Grievances Redressal  System, Secondary Markets – Some Jargons – Derivatives Markets – Terminology – Difference between Cash Market and Derivative Market, Put Call Ratio
Module-2 Infrastructure Management
Module-3 Index Management
Module-4 Event Management – List of most impacted event which directly affects the stock markets.
Module-5 Know the company
Module-6 Inter Market Analysis
Module-7 Stock Selection Basics
Module-8 Price – Volume – Open Interest Relationship
Module-9 Funds Mental Analysis – Definition – Aspects – Importance – Financial Statements a) Profit and Loss Account, b) Balance Sheet, c) Cash Flow Statement, d) Protected Financial Statements – a) Probability Ratios, b) Leverage Ratios, c) Separating ratios, d) Valuation Ratios, CAGR – Financial Ratios – At a Glance
Module-10 Technical Analysis: [For details see course (2) contents]
Module-11 Market Behaviour Analysis – Definition – Study of Index – Advance Decline Ratio – Delivery Quantity- Flow of DII & FII Investment – MF Investment – Brokerage House view – 5 Period High Low – Open=Low, Open=High, Open=Close, – Close nearer to High, Nearer to Low, – Round Price Order – Trading on Friday or Next Day Holiday – Fixation of Limit Price – Avoid Trading at Lean Period – Behaviour of Big Investors – Put Call Ratio – Analyst Recommendation – Avoid Biasness – Most Impacted News
Module-12 Share Trading Mantra
Module-13 Intraday Trading Strategy – (Step by Step Guide)
Module-14 Swing Trading Strategy
Module-15 Investment Strategy
Module-16 Result Calendar Management
Module-17 Group Company Management
Module-18 Volatility, Beta, Alpha and Option chain Analysis
Module-19 Money Management – Meaning – Two approaches, a) General Approach, b) Specific Approach – Position Sizing – Margin & Leverage – Stop Loss Strategies – Exist Strategies
Module-20 Misc. Topics – Behavioural Biasness in Decision Making – Major Biases – Control of Biasness
Module-21 All Modules Putting Together – Trading Strategies at a Glance.
Module-22 Annexure 1&2 (Soft Copy)

Course 2 – Technical Analysis Made Easy

Table of Contents

Module Content Details
Module-1 Introduction to Technical Analysis – Overview – Learning Objectives – Definition – Basic Assumption – Top Down Approach – Strength – Weakness – Conclusion
Module-2 Chart – Types – Types of Candlesticks Chart – Candlesticks pattern Study – Multiple Patterns – a) Single Candlesticks pattern : Marubozu , Hammer Hanging Man, Spinning Top, b) Double Candlesticks pattern : Engulfing Pattern – Harami Pattern – Gap – Griverted Hammer, Shooting Star, Belt Hold Pattern, Harami Cross, Piercing Pattern, Dark Class Cover Pattern. c) Triple Candlestick Pattern – Morning Star, Evening Star, Three White Soldiers, Three Black Crows, Three outside up, Three outside down, Three inside up, Three inside down, Rising Three Method, Falling Three Method, Abandoned Baby, d) Candlestick Pattern with Zero Body – Doji  – Dragonfly Doji – Gravestone Doji

For Ready reference – A chart calendar will be given where all chart patterns will be depicted.

Module-3 Support and Resistance Level
Module-4 Indicators – Types – Lagging – Leading – Uses – ADX with DI, Moving Average, Moving Average Convergence – Divergence(MACD), Relative Strength Index (RSI), Stochastic Oscillator, Stochastic RSI, Pivot Points, Rate of Change (ROC), Fibonacci Retracement, Bollinger Band on Balance Volume
Module-5 Hands on Training of all charts and indicators (off market as well as live market)
Module-6 Annexure 1&2 (Soft Copy)


Course 3 – Day Trading Expert Course

Table of Contents

Module Content Details
Module-1 Indian Stock Market (For details see course-1 contents)
Module-2 Infrastructure Management
Module-3 Index Management
Module-4 Event Management
Module-5 Inter Market Analysis
Module-6 Price – Volume – Open interest Relationship
Module-7 Technical Analysis (For details see course – 2 contents)
Module-8 Market Behavior Analysis
Module-9 Intraday Trading Strategies (Step by step guide)
Module-10 Result Calendar Management
Module-11 Group Company Management
Module-12 Volatility, Beta, Alpha and Option chain Analysis
Module-13 Misc. Topics
Module-14 Annexure 1&2 (Soft Copy)
Module-15 Hands on Training in off market as well as live market


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