Why stock market trading is considered as best option among home based business?

Why stock market trading is considered as best option among home based business?

With the dominant role of internet, the home based business has been gaining popularity day by day. A recent study by a high-tech group in USA revealed that more than 68% of Americans want to know about the home based small businesses.

According to Forbes in 2013, home based business ideas make up 69% of the small business in USA. The survey group had identified the following reasons for popularization of home based business.

1) The recession in 2008 has inspired many Americans to start their own home based business.
2) The opportunities in home based business are far above from other businesses.
3) In order to maintain their high cost of living, they are in search of multiple income stream.
4) The general tendency of the major Americans is to become their own boss.
5) They prefer home based business due to its autonomy, freedom.
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6) They are able to spend more times to their family.

Now a days, the home business is growing all over the World. India is also not exception to the rule. Even the general businessmen also encourage home business anodes to reduce on of establishment cost. They allow their employees to perform their job from their own home. There are huge types of home based business. The top 10 home based business are follows:-

(1) Stock market trading
(2) Web designing
(3) Freelance writing
(4) Personal computer training
(5) Home Tutoring
(6) Data Entry operator
(7) Photography & Videography
(8) Advisory service
(9) Copy writing

Apart from these, there are lots of home based business ideas which you are feel free to choose it as per your

A study by US based NGO revealed that stock market trading is most popular home based business among all others home based business. In order to assess the popularity of stock market trading, the study group has identified the following area.

Perfect competition prevails in the stock market. In economics there are different types of market such as perfect completion, monopoly, oligopoly, Duopoly etc. The main criteria of perfect competition are as follows

(i) There are huge numbers of buyers and sellers
(ii) No buyers and sellers can influence one another
(iii) Exit or Entry of buyers and sellers have no impact of the market
(iv) Price of the product is determined by its demand and supply.

The stock market fulfills all the conditions. No other home businesses can demand it. In the stock market trading the dependency on third party is practically Nil. But this great facility cannot be available in other home business. As for example if you are a website designers, You will earn money as and when you will get order from third parties. Here buyers are limited. But in the stock there are huge number of buyers & sellers. Again you can start stock market business with very low capital. If you have proper knowledge and techniques, the risk of losing capital in the stock market is very minimum. Learning of stock market techniques is not difficult. It is not rocket science. Anyone can learn it irrespective of their traditional educational qualification, only need is patience, attitude and studiousness.

So far opportunity is concern there are innumerable opportunities in the stock market which other home based business do not have.

Due to these reasons the stock market business is most popular option compared to other home based business.

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