Health Club

Health Club

If you want to be a consistent player is the Stock Market you must maintain your health. It is needless to mention that good health increases your stamina, improve your mental fitness as well as I.Q. Here we shall give you to me health tips on ongoing manner which you have to follow.

Firstly you should know what is health ? According to World Health Organisation (WHO) Human Health as “as state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease on infirmity”. Health in layman terms, ability to work. In other words human health can be defined as the overall level of functional and metabolic efficiency of human organism

10 Golden Simple health tips which You can easy to follow.

Tips No -1 Stretch is the morning

Before leaving the bed in the  morning, you can spent just 5 mintues for stretching. Stretch your back, your legs and your neck.

Benefits :- Streching in the morning increases your blood circulation to your muscles which creates extra oxygen in your body. You can spend the day with full energy.

Tips No-2 Drink a glass of water with one spoon Honey in empty stomach.

Benefits of water :– A research reveals that 75% human body content in water. The human brains cell contains 85% of water, Bone contains 25% water. Blood contains 80% of water and muscles contains 75% water.

Due to long gap for sleep, water is highly needed in your body. It will normalize your body. An adult person should take at least 3 litre water in a day.

Benefits of Honey :-

(i) It reduces the risk of ulcer and other gastro intestinal disorder.
(ii) It is antibactorial, anti fungal.
(iii) It reduces cough and cold and throat irritation.
(iv) It reduces the risk of cancer & heart disease.
(v) It increases atheletic performance.

Caution :- Dibetic patients should avoid Honey.

Tips No -3 Take one cup green tea with light snacks.

Benefit of Green Tea :-

(i) It is an excellent source of antioxidants which keeps you young and fit.
(ii) It reduces risk of cancer and Diabetes.
(iii) It improve your overall health due to existence of bio-active compound.
(iv) It improves  your brain function.
(v) It burns excess fat and improve your physical fitness.
(vi) It improves your dental health as it has the power to kill bacteria.
(vii) It reduces the risk of obesity.
(viii) It helps you to live longer.

Note :– You should take green tea 2 or 3 times in a day.

Tips No -4 Make breakfast and lunch within 9 A.M to 3 P.M (1st)

All we know our biggest and heavy meal in a day is breakfast and lunch. You must take breakfast and lunch in between 9 A.M to 3 P.M. (1st) because your digestion power is strongest in this time. Give emphasis on green vegetable  foods because it has several benefits.

Benefits of green vegetables :-

(i) It is an excellent source of anti oxidents.(ii) It is full of mineral.

(iii) It is also an excellent source of fibre.

(iv) It keeps you hydrate.

(v) It increases your  metabolism.

(vi) It protects you eye also.

(vii) It clears bowls.

In the breakfast you must take fruits and also one piece boiled egg.

Benefits of fruits

Different fruits have different utility. Here we discussed the benefits of fruit in general.

(i) It is natural source of vitamins & minerals.

(ii) It is rich in fibre.

(iii) It keeps your blood presure normal due to presence of potassium.

(iv) It is an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamin C (In case of citrus fruit).

(v) It has great impact on your heart, kidney, bones, Digestion system, Skin & Hair & cough & cold.

(vi) It improves your vitality power.

Benefits of Egg

(i) It is an excellent source of in expensive, high quality proteins.

(ii) It is also a rich source of, vitamins A, B & D.

(iii) It is also a good source of minerals such as iron, zinc & copper.

(iv) It reduces risk of diabeties and heart disease.

(v) It improves your eye health.

Caution :– The persons who are suffering in obesity should avoid egg.

Tips No-5 Walk 30 minutes per day.

Every day you must walk atleast 30 minutes.

Benefits of walking :

(i) It maintains your balanced weight.

(ii) It reduces risk of heart disease and Type 2 Diabetics.

(iii) It keeps your blood pressure normal.

(iv) It strengths your bones and muscles.

(v) It improves your digestive system.

(vi) It boosts your immune function.

(vii) It improves your memory as well as brain power.

(viii) It reduces stress.

(ix) It delays ageing.

(x) It improves you mood & minpower.

Tips No -6 Take light food at Night.

When you go on sleep, your digestive function will not so active as like day time. So not to keep pressure

on stomach. It helps you a lot. For this reason you should take like food such as Home made Roti, Green

vegetables etc. Try to avoid non-veg foods.

Tips No- 7 Avoid Smoking & Tobacco.

All we know smoking is injurious to health.

Bad effects of smoking & Tobacco.

(i) It increases the risk of lung, blood & throat cancer.

(ii) It increases the risk of heart disease.

(iii) It destroy your immune system.

(iv) It dulls your sense organ.

(v) It decreases your blood flow.

(vi) It destroy your appetite.

(vii) A famous term is ‘smokers Cough’.

Tips 7 Think good, Health thinking. It keeps your mind fresh. Your physical health as well as mental health will be highly in good condition. Healthy thinking makes a man positive thinker and you tends to be perfect person.

Tips -8 Take half Glass boiled milk with Garlic.

Process of Boiling :- Take half glass milk and half Glass water. Boil the milk with 2 piece garlic. When it willcome half, then stop boiling and drink the milk along with garlic before bed time.

Benefits of Garlic :-

(i) It improves your blood circulations.

(ii) It reduces the risk of heart disease.

(iii) It has the control on cancer & Diabetics.

(iv) It cures your fungal disease.

(v) It improves your sex power.

Benefits of milk

(i) It is excellent source protein. As a result it is a source of energy.

(ii) It builds/repairs muscle tissues.

(iii) It builds bone mass, teeth.

(iv) It helps to keep your blood pressure normal due to presence of potassium.

(v) It reduces the risk of cancer.

(vi) It is rich source of Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D.

(vii) It helps your sound sleep.

Tips 9 Brush your Teeth before geing to bed

Apart from morning brushing, you must brush your teeth before sleep. It is mandatory in nature.

Benefits of brushing before sleep.

(i) It acts as a night watch man of mouth & teeth.

(ii) It removes bacteria in the mouth.

(iii) It reduces the risk of Gum problem.

(iv) It prevents acidity.

(v) You feel fresh when you awake in the morning.

(vi) It helps you digestion system.

Tips 10 Enough Sleep.

Lack of sleep damage you health. You feel tired and angry. 8 hours sleep per 24 hours is required for adults

and 8 to 10 hours for children.

Benefits of Sound Sleep

(i) It improves your overall health.

(ii) It improves your memory as well as brain power.

(iii) It increases your working power.

(iv) It sharpens your attentions.

(v) It reduces your stress.

(vi) It increases your life longer.

(vii) It has control on heart, weight, mind and life style.